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Classroom - Computer Lab Use Policy

Classroom - Computer Lab Use Policy


Leonard Lief Library contains four Classrooms-Computer Labs: B27A, B27B, and B27C – on the Concourse level north – as well as Fine Arts on the second floor. B27A and B27B are each equipped with 23 student workstations and an instructor console connected to a projector. B27C functions as a lecture room with an instructor console and projector.

Computers in the Classrooms-Labs have Microsoft Office software installed. All rooms permit printing.

These Rooms serve a dual function as Library Classrooms and Computer Labs. Room B27A is an Open Lab for student research and academic use. Room B27C is the Library’s primary classroom. B27B is used as needed for instruction - as well as an overflow Lab for students when free. Fine Arts is purposed for lectures, film screenings, and as an iPad Lab.


  1. Classrooms are to be used exclusively for instruction with the following priorities:
    • Library instruction to Lehman undergraduate and graduate classes
    • Library workshops for students and faculty
    • Faculty-led research classes
    • Library faculty and staff training
    • High School of American Studies library classes
    • Classes-Workshops for outside groups arranged by Lehman faculty or administration
  2. Discipline faculty may arrange individual class sessions by filling out the form at or by contacting Coordinator of Information Literacy and Assessment Robert Farrell at, x7761
  3. Reservations for Instruction sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis - and will be confirmed
  4. Faculty may schedule a follow-up session in the Lab
  5. Reservations for non-library or research-related use of the Lab are evaluated by library faculty and booked at our discretion
  6. Library cannot accept full-time classes scheduled in these spaces
  7. Library cannot accept requests for simultaneous use of two classrooms During first ten weeks of the semester - non-library instruction use of the Labs cannot be accommodated
  8. Instructors are responsible for maintaining original order of computer software and classroom furniture
  9. Eating and drinking are not allowed