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Scholarship Statement

Scholarship Statement

Scholarship and creative work are important achievements for all faculty who are expected to make a direct contribution to knowledge in their field of expertise, as determined by norms of disciplinary practice, and are measured by peer recognition.

In addition to output in library and information science, library faculty may publish in a broad base of subject disciplines.

Scholarship and creative work by library faculty may be demonstrated by:

  • Publication in reputable academic and professional journals, other refereed journals or books, display venues, reviews of scholarly publications, editing and translation, or digital-multimedia projects
  • Through presentation of professional papers or creative work, or participation in panel discussions at professional scholarly conferences at the international, national or regional level
  • Through attraction of external support or competitive fellowships and awards appropriate to their field
  • Through design of information and online instructional material that make knowledge accessible to researchers and practitioners

Lastly, the workload and terms of employment of library faculty differ from those of other faculty. While faculty in other departments are allotted twelve weeks of annual leave and work over a nine-month calendar that includes Winter and Spring recesses - library faculty are allotted eight weeks of annual leave and work over a twelve-month calendar that does not include recesses.

As a consequence, library faculty’s scholarly contributions should be weighted proportionally in the overall evaluation of the candidate’s worthiness for tenure, reappointment, and promotion.


Guidelines for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion

Approved by Library Faculty, July 2002

Revised October 2019