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Group Study Rooms Policy

Summer 2022 Note:  the Library has reopened First Floor Group Study Rooms at 50% capacity. Third Floor Study Rooms can be reserved for up to two students maximum.


*Available to Lehman College Students Only*
Group Study Rooms on the 1st and 3rd Floors allow Lehman students to study and discuss their work together.

Due to limited number of Study Rooms - please observe the following regulations:

  1. Lehman College students wishing to use a Group Study Room must book via LibCal software with their Lehman e-mail address. Study Rooms can be reserved two days in advance. Circulation-Reserve Desk staff will give the designated key for that Room to the student group. The student who books the Room is responsible for the key and its safe return.

  2. There is a two-hour time limit on use of a Group Study Room. If you stay beyond the two-hour limit - the fine is $15 per hour.  Individual students can reserve a Study Room on the 3rd Floor for a two-hour session twice a day. 

    First Floor Meeting Rooms can only be reserved once a day for a two-hour session by a group of students. Students may only book an additional Study Room after they relinquish a current session. There are no renewals of any Study Rooms.

    *Borrowing privileges will be blocked if Overdue Fines are not paid*
  3. 3rd Floor Study Rooms are available for two students maximum.  Study Rooms on the 1st Floor are minimum 3 students and maximum of 5 students.  If a group is larger than 5 students - you must use both First Floor A&B Study Rooms.
    Study Room Minimum Maximum
    1st Floor 3 5
    1st Floor [combined room] 5 8
    3rd Floor 1 2


  4. No food or drink is allowed
  5. Please respect your fellow students by conducting quiet discussions
  6. Please take all personal belongings with you when vacating the Room
  7. Access privileges may be revoked if student fails to follow policies

Library has limited space and would like to make it available to as many Lehman College students as possible. Please respect these regulations.

Revised March 2022